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Want a Hassle-Free Recruiting Solution?

When you need additional talent to scale your workforce, you don't always have the time and resources to source, interview and select candidates. That’s why so many companies opt to outsource their recruitment activities.

Unfortunately, traditional RPO solutions don’t always deliver the results you need. Some miss the mark on quality, speed and/or cost. Some don't understand your company's culture and therefore lack the ability to target candidates that are a match for your organization's brand and values. These issues often result in failed hires — and additional costs to replace talent. Nearly all RPO solutions require you to make a lengthy commitment that can leave you trapped in an expensive contract — without getting the talent you need to successfully grow your business.

On-Demand Recruiting Services

In contrast, ContractRecruiter is flexible and scalable. Whether you need to hire just one Contract Recruiter, or need a fully managed team that also includes Sourcers and Researchers, or anything in between, we have you covered.

Plus, we don’t use unwieldy contracts that lock you into lengthy commitments. We understand that you need a recruiting model that can flex with changing hiring demands. As a result, our model allows us to be adaptable to your requirements in real time. You'll determine how long you need our services for, and you'll pay only for what you need.

Our pricing is simple and straightforward. Moreover, since we don’t charge placement fees, our model is especially cost-effective and gentle on your budget.

Your dedicated team performs full-lifecycle recruiting— from sourcing and screening, through interview coordination and final dispositioning of candidates.

Everyone is a local, U.S. Contract Recruiter or Sourcer, and a W2 employee of ContractRecruiter. We never outsource.

For the same rate that you’d pay a contract recruiter, you’ll get much more: cutting-edge resources, plus the option to add Sourcers, Researchers, and a Delivery Manager.

We specialize in finding passive candidates for hard-to-fill positions. Our Sourcing Playbook leverages all of the latest tools and best practices.

Simple Rate Structure

You pay a fixed hourly rate

This covers a recruiter, and/or sourcers, and a delivery manager.

Never any long-term contracts

You can get the services you need, for only as long as you need them.

Flexible and scalable

Add or remove contract recruiters from your team real-time as hiring needs ebb and flow.

Why Outsource?

CEO Andrew Greenberg explains ContractRecruiter's unique twist on recruitment Process Outsourcing-- a contract recruiter "pay for performance" model that inspires higher productivity.

Attracting Top-Quality Talent

As corporate-side, Contract Recruiters, we know how to communicate and work with demanding hiring managers.  We understand the importance of using company messaging and branding to attract passive candidates, and the need to provide a high-touch candidate experience to all of your applicants.  And unlike contingency recruiters, holding ourselves accountable is built into our DNA.  We work with the same rigor on every position, every time, no matter how challenging or daunting.  That’s why you hire, and what you can expect from, a contract recruiter.

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