Did you know that very often a virtual recruitment team can become a Human Resource manager’s best friend? It’s true!

Recruiters who work virtually often partner with HR professionals who are either stretched too thin to handle all the areas of recruitment well, or they need just a little extra help with finding specialist candidates at times.

Whatever the case may be with your particular staffing and recruitment needs, a virtual recruiter may be the ticket to your success this year.

Making the Connection

Clearly, recruiters and human resource teams have similar objectives, when it comes to talent management. They both want to find great candidates who can support the growth and development of the business. They both want to invest their time and efforts into working with candidates who represent the best of the best in their industry. It is the ultimate goal for all HR and recruitment pros to make the most of their resources in the challenge of placing good people into rewarding assignments, for longevity and productivity.

How Can Virtual Recruiters Work with Human Resources Managers?

If you are an HR manager, you may be asking yourself “what can a virtual recruiter bring to the table?” If you are a professional recruiter, you are pondering, “what can I do to bring more value to HR?”

There are actually several flexible options for virtual recruiters and HR professionals to work together, either short-term or for long-term success. Making this connection now can help more people get rewarding jobs, and this creates a win-win situation for all. Here are just a few of the ways that virtual recruiters are the ideal match to human resources.

  • Virtual recruiters can work from anywhere, on demand. Instead of the overhead associated with having an in-house team of recruiters, consider the advantages of having an outsourced virtual recruitment team who can effectively source, screen, and negotiate with stellar candidates on your behalf.
  • Human resources can provide ongoing assignments. Working directly with the HR managers at growing companies, virtual recruiters can expect that they will stay very busy with placements.
  • Virtual recruitment offers scalable staffing support. Imagine being able to have access to on demand recruitment services that are customized for your business growth needs. This can be a highly cost effective way of managing staffing to cover projects and deal with slower business periods.
  • Human resources receives well-vetted candidates. As an HR manager, you’ll be able to know that you are maximizing your time during interviews and candidate selection processes. Having a virtual recruiter work on screening candidates before you see them supports this effort.
  • Virtual recruiters speed up the hiring process. Because virtual recruiters are specialists in their fields, they often have access to resources and networks that go far beyond what the average HR department can access. This helps to speed up the process between finding and hiring a new team member.
  • Human resources and virtual recruiters can control staffing costs. Perhaps one of the best reasons why HR and virtual recruiters should connect is because of the cost factor. Gaining access to high quality candidates and having support throughout the interview and hiring process is the key to making staffing more cost effective.

If you are looking for ways to improve your staffing and recruiting ROI, consider making the connection now. Learn more by downloading our special report on “The Costs of Recruitment” here!

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