Rumors have been circulating for a while about the possible shortages in qualified Information Technology candidates. From a practical standpoint, it’s not uncommon to take weeks or even months trying to locate the right IT professional for the job. Yet, without these elusive professionals, your company does not stand a chance at being a leading innovator for your industry. The most skilled IT pros are generally those who are already either working for themselves or worse yet, your competitors, so how can you attract them to come over to your company so that you can expand?

Ways to Attract and Find the Best IT Pros
The good news is that there are some insightful ways to find the best IT candidates and help them see why your organization can offer them something better. Here are a few tips for pulling in these few elite information technology specialists like a tractor beam.

  • The Personality of the Average IT Pro – While no two information technologies have the same personality, most fall into the introverted and hyper-focused range of the profile while on the job. When not working, IT pros like to play hard in their favorite technology related and outdoor activities. Therefore, to attract the best IT specialists, you will have to go where they are, hang out where they hang out, and offer the kind of information and events they like. Think video gaming competition followed by all-night coding sessions and you get the idea.
  • What IT Specialists Want – If you ask any IT pro what he or she values the most, a common answer is, “respect from peers”. Any area of information technology is often a thankless job with others in their organizations taking them for granted. Ever watch the popular television program The IT Crowd and you can see why respect is a number one goal of all IT pros. Information technology people work harder and longer hours than many other professionals and they deserve career opportunities that offer them the respect they so deserve from their colleagues, so give this to them by making R-E-S-P-E-C-T part of your company culture.
  • All IT Pros Like Downtime – Being a brilliant problem-solver is what sets many IT pros apart from their peers. Yet, this can become exhausting quickly. Many times, IT specialists look for work assignments that allow them the frequent downtime they need to function well on the job. From casual work environments that encourage physical activities to those that include fun corporate events, you can attract a better crowd of talented young IT pros by creating a corporate culture that honors this downtime craving.
  • What IT Pros Look for in Opportunities – If you want to find the best IT pros, you better have a plan to offer them more than your competitors. That means understanding what the most progressive IT folks look for in career opportunities. The answer may surprise you, because it’s not unlike what other career types need. Above-average compensation and benefits are at the top of many IT pros’ lists, along with flexibility, work environments that provide a challenge and upward mobility.

Want the best IT pros for your organization? Start out by frequenting the social forums and networks that they enjoy when they are not on the clock. Get the message out about your company and why it’s a great place to work and grow in the information technology sector. Go get ‘em!


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