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You need recruiting power, not complexity. You don’t want more work; you want less. And you don’t want stacks of resumes; you want vetted, viable candidates worthy of your time.

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We produce results faster and more affordably. Here’s how.


Gives you instant access to seasoned U.S. contract recruiters when you have urgent hiring needs

Allows you to leverage the power of an entire plug ‘n play recruiting team, including a dedicated contract recruiter, sourcers, and a delivery manager

Operates with a simple outsourced model that eliminates the costs, complexities and commitments of traditional contingency staffing firms and RPO’s

Focuses on delivering optimum ROI with robust processes, recruiting tools and a highly accountable “pay for performance” service model

Our DELVR Sourcing Model Delivers Qualified Candidates



We learn about your brand, messaging, value proposition and company culture, and develop talking points.



Customized for your company and personalized for recipients.


List Building

ContractRecruiter.com uses the latest tools and technology needed to build lists effectively.



We’ve perfected an internal process to review and rank candidates to save you time.



Candidates are engaged with a multi-touch sequence proven to deliver.

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