3 Essentials of Candidate Care – The Future of Recruiting Strategy

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The job search can be an extremely stressful time for job seekers as they navigate the often mysterious and complex process of applying, interviewing and negotiating for a job. Candidates can spend hours navigating through the job search process only to find themselves without any form of communication or response back, leaving them in job search limbo which is never easy.

Regardless of their qualifications or perceived skills for a job opening, candidates play a crucial role in your community and are likely to be a customer of your product or service especially in a B2C world.

Introducing the Candidate Care Philosophy

The idea of candidate care is a philosophy I stress in working with my own clients as an owner of a successful RPO or recruitment process outsourcing firm. This philosophy is simple and in my experience can serve as a valuable recruitment and engagement strategy when developing a reputation and relationship with a qualified job seeker. It starts with getting to know the candidate, building a relationship and giving feedback.

Building Long Term Corporate Recruiting Strategies

Having successfully managed and recruited thousands of candidates for a variety of company sizes, I understand the stops and starts that happen when it comes to corporate or department headcounts and quarterly budget constraints. Sometimes it is challenging to give interview feedback or candidate status that satisfies parties, the organization and the potential employee. The secrets to building successful recruiting strategies are ones that are focused on corporate care.

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Create a Process for Candidate Follow Up. Either through standard milestones within your organizational or a less formalized process, a company with a candidate care philosophy holds their hiring managers and recruiters accountable for following up either through email, phone, or by mail. A formal process that becomes part of the recruiting culture ensures consistency regardless of recruiters managing the job opening.

Provide Candidate Resources. Employers often shy away from providing formal interview feedback because of the potential liability it may bring. I suggest providing a la carte candidate resources in the form of a resume template or job interview guide that are offered for download.

Get to Know the Hiring Manager Before Interviewing. Because job descriptions are not always the best source of the position description, it’s important for the recruiter to spend time getting to know the hiring manager, their leadership style and the unwritten essentials of the job opening.

Candidate care is more then a long-term recruiting strategy; it’s a culture shift that sends a message to employees, job seekers and customers on the value of the people that makes the organization. And it starts with you.

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